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Norse Catholics - 1125 & 1540 - Jean Allefonsce - born 1484 in Portugal died off La Rochelle 1544 or 1549 - David Ingram signed on with English privateer John Hawkins marooned with some 100 of his shipmates near Tampico on the coast of Mexico, about 200 miles south of the present Texas/Mexico border. 11 months later, in October 1568, Ingram and two others of his original party were picked up from the coast of Nova Scotia by a French fishing vessel. 1999 British writer Richard Nathan retraced Ingram’s journey in reverse, walking from Nova Scotia to Tampico in just 9 months The Norumbegans were friendly and led Ingram to their leader, a king named the Bathshaba who lived in the city of Arembec wonderful city of Arembec

Native American - Norumbegans Explorer-Juan (Jan) Rodrigues was the 1st non native resident of NYC. This black (mulatto) crewman from the boat Jonge Tobias lived and traded among the natives in 1612 (w/o support of a harbor ship). A friend of the Indians and the keeper of the Norumbega secret. Timeline - 1612 - 1664 Topics - Indian/ Dutch, People - Adrian Block fire through Peter Stuyvesant fire proofing Places

Slave - Caesar's friend Timeline - 1712 - 1741 Topics - 1712 - 1741 Slave revolts, Dutch / British Slave/White People - Gerardus Beekman to Molly Williams (1818) Places - greenwich and rector (John Hughson tavern), Water & Wall (slave market), Hanover square-#11, Firemen's Hall-71 Fulton Street,

Inventor - Christopher Colles -1774 - NYC's first log pipeline Timeline 1742-1776 Topics - Patriots / British, Water People Places

Patriot - Burr Timeline - 1776- 1836. Topics - Patriots / Tory Loyalists, 1776 Fire, Manhattan Company Places

Ringleader - Tweed Timeline - 1823 -1878 Topics - 1835 Fire, 1845 Fire, Tammany Hall, Gangs, People - Mose Humphrey knocked senseless in 1838 Places -

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